E-learning using dialog simulation

The most powerful way to enhance your E-learning courses is by working with a dialog simulator. With 30 minutes, you can write a course based on dialog simulation for your students at home. Teaching and helping them learn naturally.

Can be used in any school type

4 reasons why you should use Educatioo

Supercharge E-learning

So you are looking for the most effective way to teach and train your employees? Teach and train your employees by using E-learning and dialog simulation and preparing them for their everyday tasks. Realistically, you can enhance bot productivity as well as effectivity of your company.

Learning the natural way

How do children and adults learn naturally? By listening, answering questions, and by getting feedback. Feedback at the same time a question was answered correct or incorrect. With lessons based on dialog simulation, every student's involvement, young or old, will be enhanced. Learning naturally.

Enhances effectivity

The use of the Educatioo dialog simulation app in your training or courses increases effectiveness. Your E-learning courses will be more attractive to your employees or students. And this creates more involvement. A greater involvement usually means a better understanding of the lessons and greater productivity.

Implementing is simple

Designing courses and lectures with the Educatioo Dialog Simulation app is very simple. Dialog Simulation is easy to use in every training or study. Lots of videos show you how to use the Educatioo app. Follow the simple steps to create a perfect quiz, an assessment, or a complete course. This can be done for almost every profession.

The Future of E-learning

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about many changes to our society, ranging from the way businesses are conducted to travel and entertainment. With the entire world put under quarantine, both employers and workers had to adapt to the rapidly growing world of remote work, and the majority of the focus when developing software and applications to accommodate those changes has been placed on office work. Besides displaced workers, a group that has been just as heavily impacted by the lockdowns are students who are in need of functional applications that will allow them to continue their studies without sacrificing the quality of education.

While we all hope that our daily lives return to normal as soon as possible, it is safe to admit that both remote work and learning are a concept of the future that has been simply accelerated by the pandemic. As remote learning grows in popularity, it is important that we address possible challenges and creative ways to overcome them. In this post, we address the most common struggles and how to effectively reduce them using the most user-friendly learning application Educatioo.

The Challenges of Remote Learning

Remote learning and the fast transition to it has exposed the already existing challenges that both students and teachers face in online education as well as created a whole set of new ones. The rapid shift to virtual schools also created an opportunity for the development of remote learning applications that will accommodate the students and the educators and make the transition more seamless and the overall experience more enjoyable for everyone involved. Some of the most commonly cited challenges faced by educators and students are listed below.

Lack of Relationship with the Teachers and Peers

There is no denying the fact that schools are not only a learning zone but also socializing zone. It is where we make our first and long-lasting friendships. The lack of social interaction due to remote learning could have serious implications on the student’s motivation and satisfaction levels. Without those, as a result, the student’s academic performance can suffer and make the remote learning process more difficult.

Unfortunately, the majority of the commonly used remote learning applications do not offer the option to create a dialogue or address the students directly. Rather, they offer a generic prompt that is offered to all students, leaving little to no room for any social interaction between the instructor and students.

To increase the satisfaction of both educators and students and allow them to make connections that will make remote learning more effective, schools should implement a strategy that allows for social interaction. Whether they are virtual games and activities that allow for a formation of a bond between peers or implementation of an online learning application such as Educatioo that enables teachers to create a dialogue with students rather than using standard prompts. By personalizing the messages and responses to each student, the student’s motivation and morale will increase, encouraging them to actively participate in their studies.

Falling Behind and Not Getting Enough of Teacher’s Time and Attention

It is quite difficult for educators to be able to observe their student’s performance and be able to address any difficulties they may have while conducting virtual classes. Not being able to observe the student’s behavior and spend extra time and attention on those who are struggling can leave some students behind in their studies resulting in lower grades. Unfortunately, it is impossible to tailor an entire lesson just to one student that may be falling behind and most remote learning applications do not offer the option to customize the lessons, quizzes, and homework to each student. The applications that are currently used for the purposes of virtual schooling are simply assessment applications that value the correct answers and completion over true understanding and learning.

To truly improve each student’s learning experience and ensure that they are truly understanding the subject and are not simply guessing the correct answers, it is beneficial for teachers to have the ability to customize the progression of the assessments toward each student. If a student picks the wrong answer, it is not beneficial to show them the correct one and move on to the next question. The ideal solution would be for each incorrect response to result in a reiteration of the concept followed by a question of the same category to truly test the student’s understanding of the theory. There are few applications that offer such a solution, however, one of them being Educatioo.

Educatioo not only allows the teachers to customize their lessons to accommodate students that require more repetitions of the concept, but it also gives the students an opportunity to approach the question again from a different angle in order to ensure that they truly understand the concept rather than guessing correct answers. With this application, the educators gain insight into their student’s learning progress by utilizing a simple reporting system. How many repetitions of the concept did the student need to fully grasp the concept, what are some areas that may need improvement, and what concepts came easily to the students? Using this information, educators can customize their lesson plans to account for any difficulties that the majority of the class may be having.

Is Remote Learning a Long-Term Solution?

Online schooling has been growing in popularity in recent years. Many people opt-in to complete their education virtually as it reduces the time for commuting, allows for more flexibility, and is often more convenient as assignments can be completed at their desired time. The shift to remote learning has been amplified by the current situation, but the trend remains unchanged.

Remote learning will continue to grow in popularity due to the ease and convenience it brings. As we work to reduce the challenges that many educators and students are currently facing with some of the difficulties online education brings, the trend will become a norm, and more students will shift to virtual schooling. The optimal solution is to provide schools with the appropriate resources to make this transition efficient and effective- Educatioo is one of them.

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