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Education will never be the same

Educatioo Dialog Simulation Blog Education will never be the same face mask laptopWho could have imagined at the beginning of 2020 that our education system would change so radically? From classroom teaching, sometimes with up to 30 children in the classroom, to distance learning. And then within a week.

Educatioo Dialog Simulation Blog education never will be the same following education from your bedThat we would no longer have our students in the class, would no longer be able to look into their eyes during lessons? That taking lessons for our students sometimes happens from the bed. And that we as teachers worry every day that there will be no backlogs in education.

How should our students go to further education, how should our students enter the labor market? A whole generation of students in lower general secondary education, and schools of higher general secondary education and universities, suddenly could no longer take regular exams. This was something that didn't keep many teachers busy. Who would have thought that you could go from class to a job at home at the kitchen table within a week?

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Lockdown: from classroom to kitchen table and bedroom

In the first weeks of the lockdown, we all made the best of it. For those who did not have a computer or laptop at home, laptops were arranged. Teachers were provided with laptops with a camera and microphone, and we got started. The lockdown would only last a few weeks, and if we all stayed inside and followed the rules, it would be over in no time. How different everything would turn out.
According to the people who may know, we have now had the second lockdown, and another lockdown would not be impossible. We have already had several mutations of the Covid-19 virus, and new mutations are continually being discovered. We are also warned about other viruses that may be lurking. A subsequent lockdown is therefore very well possible.

Interaction, dialog with students, the pure essence of our craft

It is not only for the students to adapt but also for the teachers. As teachers seek interaction in the education of our students, it is a lot more complicated from behind the laptop at the kitchen table. Of course, there are apps such as Teams and Zoom, but our profession's essence, the dialogue with the student, is complicated.
Educatioo Dialog Simulation Blog Education never will be the same interaction between teacher and studentIn the past period, as teachers, we have had to learn how to work with software, make digital lesson plans and learn to deal with the problems that our students encounter while learning at home. Actually, we have reinvented our profession from dialogue in the classroom to a conversation via the laptop. We all had our personal challenges, from learning to work in a digital environment to work at the kitchen table with other family members. But we have one thing in common, we miss the interaction, the dialogue with our students.

Education: the Educatioo Dialog Simulation app is born

With the increasing need for interaction in education with the students sitting at home and as a unique opportunity to take E-learning to a higher level, the Educatioo - Dialogue Simulation app is a real relief. The app simulates the situation in the classroom based on simulating a dialogue with the student. When the student starts his E-learning assignment, he gets the first question. And depending on the answer he gives, he follows his own individual trajectory in this app. In this way, all students can be served, and differentiation is also possible.

The Educatioo dialog simulation app

This dialog simulation app lets the student answer a question. If the student gives the correct answer, he is presented with the following problem. However, if the student does not provide the right solution, he will not receive the next question but an explanation of what went wrong. Based on this new explanation, the student can try again to solve the problem. This can be repeated several times until the student has mastered the offered material. There is, as it were, a dialogue between teacher and student. The dynamics of the class have disappeared, and we have an avatar with initials in the back. Still, in this way, with this app, we can offer students a way to interact. As a teacher, you have put together an E-learning assignment in 30 minutes, which creates a pattern of interaction, especially for the student.

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This new app enriches the E-learning Education landscape

The Covid-19 virus has turned our educational landscape into a large education E-learning testing ground. There was no preparation for online teaching before the outbreak in October 2019. Now, after several lockdowns, we know one thing for sure, we will have to prepare for more and more online teaching, E-learning. Various apps offer a solution, and the Educatioo dialog simulation app is a real enrichment. If you also want to get acquainted with the app, click on the button below for a 14-day trial period.

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