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Educatioo Dialogue Simulation - High-Quality E-learning

For the past two years, distance learning has taken pride of place in every education and development professional. With 1.2 billion children in 186 countries unable to attend classes, teachers have gone to work to accommodate students. As a result, excellent and instructive learning environments are gaining ground.

Even before COVID-19, this online education technology was high in growth and adoption. As a result, the comprehensive online education and coaching market in schools and businesses is expected to reach $350 billion by 2025. In addition, there is an increase in learning management systems, virtual language tutoring, video conferencing tools, and online learning software.

Why you should use Educatioo

The conclusion

The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually die out, but it won't disappear completely. Due to pandemics like this, distance learning technology will continue to grow. This pandemic has further accelerated the integration of information technology into education in schools, universities, and businesses. E-learning and online education technology will eventually become integral to schools and companies worldwide.

A new offshoot on the tree is the Educatioo Teaching & Assessment App. The classroom or lecture hall is simulated based on a dialogue simulation. Like in the school, the previously scripted dialogue with the pupil, student, or employee is sought. You can see how it works in the video (click above). The various tests already show that learning performance increases by 400% by using this platform. Furthermore, users indicate that they find it pleasant to receive "lessons" in this way.

A learning management system or dialogue simulation?

The Eduatioo Teaching & Assessment App, using an AI form of dialogue simulation, is a high-quality e-learning learning system. It seeks to improve the learning process by handling course content, course registration, skills analysis, and all necessary tracking and reporting. Examples of an LMS are Moodle and Socrative. Students and staff can access these systems from computers, smartphones, or tablets to manage their assignments while learning at home.

Unfortunately, educators and enterprises looking for learning management systems (LMS) often do more harm than good. Most schools and businesses that currently use an LMS struggle with ease of use, and 44 percent are considering ditching the LMS and looking for a more straightforward system. The main reasons for considering a change are bad user experiences. In addition, this type of software is often more for use in HR departments in organizations than in classrooms.

Why Dialog Simulation?

Simply because you want to mimic your classroom as much as possible, if you are looking for something effective, look at the dialogue simulator such as the Educatioo Teaching & Assessment App. This website lets you set up a great lesson, training, or coaching session within 30 minutes. Using simple artificial intelligence (AI), you can set up a dialogue with your pupils, students, or employees. While programs like Moodle and Socrative just allow you to provide feedback, you cannot engage in conversation with your students.

You can easily create a lesson or training in 30 minutes. A student or employee can independently gain knowledge via the Educatioo Teaching & Assessment App. And whether it is training about your company culture or a lesson in biology or mathematics, with 30 minutes, you can set up a perfect E-learning course as a teacher or entrepreneur. Using a scripted dialogue, you can immediately help your student or employees if they do not answer the questions correctly. As a designer of this course, you can also see online whether your employee or student needed multiple repetitions to solve a problem or whether they straightaway chose the right solution. This knowledge can improve a teacher's approach for the future and facilitate a better understanding in the classroom.

Why use the Educatioo Teaching & Assessment App?

Feedback on questions created is valuable to your students. As a professional, you know that the timing and quality of feedback play an important role. The input would be direct in the classroom or the lecture hall, and a dialogue arises. You can recreate this dialogue with the Educatioo App. You can correct any incorrect answer immediately. As a professional teacher, you know when your students will make mistakes. With this knowledge, you can pre-script your dialogue. If the incorrect answer is clicked, an explanation will immediately appear on how it could be improved. This real-time feedback, and not at the end of a lesson or assignment, increases the effectiveness of your online material by up to 400%. Feedback, significantly when the project is not done correctly, contributes to a negative learning experience. Direct feedback, the opportunity to improve yourself, is experienced as very pleasant. This creates a positive learning experience.

Educatioo Dialog Simulation E learning Dialog Simulation Dialog Simulator

Ultimately, it provides a more personal experience for the student or employee. Instead of feeling like they have to go through the material alone, without guidance, they have a teacher or supervisor who opens up a dialogue and is willing to help with any mistake. Instead of continuing to make a mistake because there is no coaching or correction at that particular moment, direct feedback is essential to the learning process. When an error is made, Educatioo can immediately adjust and do this until the student or employee has mastered the material offered.
Check out the sample multiple-choice question below to see how Educatioo allows you to provide feedback in a way that a system like Moodle or Socrative cannot. This is a simple calculation where a lot can go wrong.

What is the answer to the following sum: 3 + 4 x 5 =

a) 12
b) 23
c) 35
d) 60

This question is about the order of operations in arithmetic. The correct answer is b) 23. If the student answers the question correctly, it is straightforward, and he moves to the next question where another problem is addressed. If the student answers incorrectly, they will be forwarded to another question, followed by an explanation of the misconception the student has made. This is followed by a control question to find out whether the student now understands the material.

The feedback function of the Educatioo Teaching and Assessment App allows the teacher to anticipate the mistakes the student might make and then write down an explanation for each fallacy in advance. Following this format will help the student get back on track while working remotely. In addition, you give them access to your unique explanation and tailor it to their individual needs, which is vital for authentic learning.

What if my student keeps making the same fallacy

If the student does not understand a problem the first time, he may make the same mistake again. However, you can anticipate this immediately and prepare an explanation to help to learn. This question will again trigger another question with a different answer to help them practice the same skill. Fingers crossed, your student will understand what you are trying to teach them. After all, you know what they say...three times is a charm!

Even if the student struggles a fourth or fifth time, you (as a teacher) can anticipate this. Therefore, you may be able to lead them to similar questions and explain and retest the skills until you are sure you have mastered the material.

Each question has different individual learning paths for each different answer. If the student selects the correct answer, he moves to the question that addresses the following problem. If they choose the wrong answer, they are redirected to a new question that fixes the error and learns how to fix the problem based on their previous mistake. This way, staying in dialogue with your student is possible.

Remote Learning Challenges

There is much debate about the performance of online education versus face-to-face education. Studies have shown that face-to-face and online instruction via dialogue simulation can be equally effective. That students and staff who participate in (a part of) online courses even outperform those who only have access to face-to-face instruction.

Educatioo Dialog Simulation E learning Dialog Simulation Remote Learning Difficulties

We also know that much online education does not yet meet the required criteria to achieve better results. Much online education is currently no more than a glorified test, an assessment. The substance is presented in text, audio, or video, and a control question is asked. However, if the question is not answered correctly, there is no feedback or control.

Direct qualitative feedback is a crucial step in this process. However, this is not implemented in 99% of the teaching material offered via E-learning. When students ask the teacher for an explanation because most control questions were not answered correctly (something that only became clear after finishing the lesson or course), a teacher can explain again via Skype, Teams, or otherwise. However, the real learning momentum has already passed.

Why Educatioo is so powerful

Final Thoughts

The Educatioo Teaching and Assessment App is a tool specially designed for distance teaching and E-learning in all schools and all subjects. The app can also be used to offer training material to companies. It is a simple yet highly effective dialogue simulation app that works for all forms of knowledge transfer in school and business.

The app is affordable (less than 4 dollars a month for the Basic Package and less than 9 dollars a month for the Premium Package). So naturally, you can access all the options this app offers in both packages. The Educatioo Teaching and Assessment App is the most powerful way to improve e-learning education or training. It is also completely free for students.

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