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Dialog Simulation for Small Businesses

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Dialog Simulation for Small Businesses - Having a skilled and trained workforce empowers your employees. It provides them with the skills that they need to improve production, reduce costs and mistakes,

build confidence in your workforce, and create a better working environment. And although it’s never a question of whether a trained workforce is better, there’s always a question of the best way to do so. Let's take a look at dialog simulation for small businesses.

In 2018, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that companies with fewer than 100 employees provided only 12 minutes of manager training every 6 months. Once you bump the size up to 100 to 500 employees, the training is cut down to just 6 minutes. Yikes.

If you’re seeing an increased need for employee training or you just want to choose an effective platform to do so, keep reading. Educatioo is a Dialog Simulation App that can help address your training needs.

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How Educatioo Came to Be

While Educatioo was originally intended to be a Learning Management System that functioned well in the classroom, it ended up becoming a Dialog Simulation App. This core difference makes it applicable for teachers and small business owners alike.

What’s the difference between a Learning Management System (LMS) and a Dialog Simulation App? Good question!

A Dialog Simulation App would, as you’d expect, simulates dialog through an interactive exercise. In other words, it imitates a real conversation with a person (student, customer, staff, colleague, etc.).

Educatioo Dialog Simulation Dialog in classroom trainingIn a classroom that conducts e-learning, this makes a lot of sense. You have a dialog in the classroom between a teacher and student. There’s no reason this shouldn’t continue outside of the classroom in a remote setting.

Yet, in a small business, the role of a Dialog Simulation App is less clear. You may be wondering, “I’m not going to have consistent sessions with my employees…do I really need a whole system for this?” The answer is yes!

Educatioo is the perfect program for any small business owner or entrepreneur who needs to train their employees but may hire at different points. Initially, you may be able to conduct a 1:1 training session with whomever you hire. You can spend personal time with them and “show them the ropes.” As time goes on and your business continues to grow, however, you’ll be responsible for more tasks and the time you have to dedicate to training will dwindle. Instead of providing only 12 (or even 6!) minutes to training, you should instead employ Dialog Simulation for Small Businesses in your place.

Educatioo makes it possible for you to train your employees and create an interactive experience without having to “teach” or “train” yourself. They’ll get a personal experience and come out of the session having accomplished real learning, and you’ll have saved time on your end as well. All you have to do is develop e-learning lessons within Educatioo, and within 30 minutes, your employees can independently acquire all the information they need. It’s that easy.

Dialog Simulation for Small Businesses, why?

1. It’s simple but effective

The Educatioo Dialog simulation for small Businesses app isn’t a difficult system to learn, but it has all the features you need. It uses simple AI to foster a dialog between employer and employee. You’ll be able to create a series of lessons that promote iterative learning. In fact, if you want, you can have monthly trainings for your employee. Once you create the lessons on your end, it doesn’t require any additional effort, and your employees will have access to further training and career development as long as they’re with you.

2. It creates happier employees

Educatioo Dialog Simulation Dialog Simulation for Small Businesses happy employeeOne long-term research project commissioned by Middlesex University found that 74% of workers don’t feel like they’re achieving their full potential at work due to lack of development opportunities. Help your employees help you! Training and development not only help your business run more effectively, but they also help your employees feel more fulfilled. Educatioo provides stimulating training with interaction, so they’re learning and developing in a fun and interesting way.


3. It fosters engagement

Employee engagement is the emotional commitment that employees feel toward their work, your company, and the organization’s goals. While it’s not necessarily synonymous with satisfaction, happiness, or fulfillment, it is an important factor in helping your employees be productive.
In fact, a Dale Carnegie study found that companies with engaged employees outperformed those without engaged employees by up to 202 percent. Wild, right?

4. Dialog Simulation improves the skill sets of your employees

Often, companies want to make sure that their employees have the skills to constantly maintain complex products or meet clients’ expectations. Yet, they don’t actually follow through on making sure that employees obtain these skills. They don’t offer development or training opportunities, and if they do, they’re through Learning Management Systems that attempt to quiz and test the employee without helpful interaction, dialog, and learning.

If you want to boost skill sets and workplace innovation, then employee career development is key. Educatioo is one of the technologies that allow business owners to be innovative in their approach. Don’t delay in integrating a Dialog Simulator App into your system. It’ll only put you ahead of your competition.

5. Dialog Simulation boosts retention rates for small businesses

As a small business, you know that turnover and hiring costs are one of the top expenses for business owners. One of the biggest factors in improved retention is training. Statistics say that untrained employees are more likely to leave the company within the first year of employment. This is because feeling like you are growing and developing in the position you’re in is vital to being happy in your workplace.

As an employer, it’s up to you to meet this need for your employee if you want them to remain employed. Using Educatioo to create an e-learning program for your employees, helps your employees receive the training material they need while also interacting with management.

How Do I Know My Online Training Is Working?

Okay, so you’ve put your online training into practice. How do you know if it’s working? Is it helping your employees and your business? What metrics can you use to help you measure this? Here’s what you can use to help you evaluate your online training quality.

1. Feedback

Ask for feedback directly from your employees. It’s one of the most effective ways to know if they like the system and want to continue to use it. After all, your employees are the one who needs to use eLearning for training purposes…they should at least like it!

2. eLearning Assessment Results

Educatioo provides a simple report of your employee’s progress to employees to see how learning was accomplished.

3. Learner Performance

Are the skills taught in the course being applied in the workplace? Monitoring your employee’s performance is one way you may see if the online training is effective.

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Final thoughts about dialog simulation for small businesses

Educatioo Dialog Simulation Dialog Simulation for Small Businesses Training enhances job satisfactionTraining is an essential step in ensuring that your business runs smoothly and effectively. Implementing the use of a Dialog Simulator like the Educatioo Dialog Simulation for Small Businesses app is more effective than that of a standard LMS because it helps facilitate a more interactive experience. In doing so, you help boost learning and development, labor productivity, job satisfaction, and so much more.

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